Canada – Net Neutrality Rally Expected on Parliament Hill

There’s no shortage of coverage on the Bell Canada case. Now Canadians are planning on a huge network neutrality rally on the grounds of parliament hill.

Note: This is an article I wrote that was published elsewhere first. It has been republished here for archival purposes

Network neutrality in the last few months has stormed its way into the headlines. While the issue has already gone from the headlines to demands with the CRTC, now there’s word that there is a rally being organized on the 27th this month.

The group organizing this rally is also organizing transportation for some to help others attend the event.

Here’s what the group is rallying for:

1 – Competition:
– To stop Vertical Market leveraging
– To stop/prevent a Duopoly Environment (where Cable/Telco incumbents control)

2 – Innovation:
– To allow new content and applications to develop and/or flourish (ie: facebook/google)

3 – Consumer Rights:
– Promote ISP transparency
– Promote Consumer Privacy
– Promote the need for Product delivery (get what you pay for)

So if you find yourself near the nations capital and want to help support network neutrality, you can drop them a note that you’ll be attending.

The speakerlist includes Charlie Angus (NDP MP), Mauril Bélanger (Liberal MP), James Clancy (NUPGE), Philippa Lawson (CIPPIC), Tom Copeland (CAIP) and Rocky Gaudrault (TekSavvy Solutions Inc.)

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