Bloc MP: Abolishing Free Speech to Pass Bill C-11 is “Worth It”

Some MPs appear to now be admitting that Bill C-11 does violate freedom of expression, but are saying that it’s a sacrifice they are willing to make.

There is little doubt that Bill C-11 faces a constitutional challenge in the courts should it pass. This along with international retaliation from the US. Indeed, from our standpoint and the standpoint of numerous legal experts such as those working for CIPPIC, the bill itself is unconstitutional as it violates freedom of expression. A court challenge is the worlds easiest bet in the end.

Compounding matters is the fact that the Senates fix to the bill that would avert all of this was rejected by the Canadian government. Unless the Senate can pull some sort of rabbit out of a hat and find a way to fight this, the bills appearance before the Canadian court system is pretty much destiny.

The government and its supporters have been on a massive denying spree in all of this. Despite the overwhelming evidence, MPs from the Liberal and NDP parties have all denied that this violates the Canadian Charter, let alone affect user generated content – a denial that has yet to be backed up by evidence to this day.

Now, it seems that some MPs have finally started to just drop the facade and just flat out admit that, yes, Bill C-11 violates the Canadian Charter. According to one Bloc MP, abolishing freedom of expression to “promote” government approved content is “worth it“:

”if violating freedom of expression means ensuring that Quebec content is well represented online then that’s worth it”

Without a doubt, this is all absolutely surreal. I had to play the clip back several times and pinch myself to ensure that what I heard was real. Apparently, I’m not dreaming. I am awake. Honestly, what do you even say to that at this point?

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