Announcement: The September 2020 Wiki Content Patch

We are continuing to add content to the official Freezenet Wiki. We go over what is new in this month’s patch.

The Wiki is continuing to get expanded on. Earlier in September, we mentioned that we completed the archive for the Random Movement Podcast. This addition, as we earlier pointed out, is a huge addition to the site. In the process of adding an additional show to the archive, we also expanded the scope of the Wiki to include another genre: Drum N Bass. One thing is for sure, we are very happy to be expanding the scope of the Wiki and including Drum N Bass onto the Wiki.

With so many expansions on the official podcast, it was difficult this month to continue adding content onto the Wiki. Still, we did manage to add some things. First, we added a page and discography information for Daniel Kandi. From there, we added the Always Alive Recordings label as well as discography information. This wound up being a fairly sizeable undertaking under the circumstances. Still, we managed to complete the page as best we could. After that, we added the index page for Always Alive and even added the first 5 episodes. It’s not much in the grand scheme of things, but still, this represents quite a bit of added content already.

In addition to this, we updated the archive for the Random Movement Podcast to include episode 126.

From there, we updated the Fables archive to go all the way up to episode 164.

Finally, we updated the Corsten’s Countdown archive to go all the way up to episode 692.

So, largely a maintenance patch this month, but a patch that also adds a fair bit of content anyway.

This month, the objective is to continue working on the Always Alive archive to add as many episodes as we can find.

We hope you like all of these additions and hope you continue to enjoy the already sizeable Wiki!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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