Announcement: The May and June 2021 Wiki Content Patch

We’ve finally managed to update the Wiki. This goes over the somewhat overdue content added as of this patch.

In May, we released the April wiki content patch notes detailing everything we’ve done over the course of that month.

For the month of May, things admittedly got quite busy for us and it made updating the Wiki a bit more tricky than expected. This coupled with the heatwave that made it near impossible to work. The unfortunate side effect is that this month’s patch would be more difficult to produce as we had to make up for two months worth of missing content.

Well, slowly but surely, we managed to update the Wiki. We are happy to say that the Wiki has now been fully updated with the latest information. We’ve formally updated the shows Fables, Resonation, Future Sound of Egypt, Random Movement Podcast, and the V Recordings Podcast.

While one source we use for information went down, we were able to find alternatives to fill out the information anyway. So, despite the obstacles we were thrown, we got everything updated.

While this looks like not much of an update, this update actually counts for two months worth of content across all of the currently ongoing shows. So, it was actually a fair bit of work to get this up.

Ultimately, we hope that, next month, we are able to generate more content than just a general update. Still, we are happy to have gotten what we did get up… finally.

At any rate, we hope you enjoy the latest additions to the site!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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