Announcement: The May 2020 Wiki Mini Update

We here at Freezenet are proud to announce a big milestone in our Wiki project. We have completed the information of the third show.

Recently, we completed another major milestone here on Freezenet. Our Wiki project continues to grow in useful knowledge with the third show archived. The show we have now fully archived is called Fables. It is a trance show that showcases progressive and uplifting music.

While this is our third show we archived, it is the first one that is still airing. So, this will be our first ongoing show. If you have any way to improve the archive, you can always make comments below or make those comments in our forums. We have a devoted thread to this show to help keep things organized.

The updates certainly keep coming along on this Wiki project. Earlier this month, we were able to announce the completion of Degenerate Radio during out April 2020 content patch announcement. Then, last month, we announced the completion of Trance Around the World in our April 2020 Mini Update.

We are really excited for this addition to the Wiki and can’t wait to make more updates in the future. We hope you enjoy this show. At 144 episodes, this show represents close to 150 hours worth of added content (there were a couple of specials that bumped up the number of hours). Still, we think all of this is worth it to provide you with more resources to discovering more great music. We hope you enjoy it!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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