Announcement: The May 2020 Wiki Content Patch

More information is being added to the Wiki. This May 2020 Wiki Content Patch report details what is new this month.

It’s been quite an eventful month for the Freezenet official Wiki. Earlier this month, we announced a mini update. In that update, we pointed out how we completed 144 episodes of the online podcast Fables. Given the COVID-19 global pandemic, it seems even more appropriate that we help people find out about this uplifting music.

Of course, along with that is the discography information of Dan Stone, Ferry Tayle, and the FSOE Fables record label (Future Sound of Egypt Fables). We’ve also gone through all of our existing data and linked everything up to the respective pages so people can click on the respective names. This will not only lead to the dedicated pages for each, but also point people to the respective websites where people can find out where they can buy the music legally. It is, ultimately, a win-win for everyone involved.

Naturally, this isn’t enough. Right after we completed an archive of the information, we decided to go immediately into archiving even more information from another angle of the trance music scene. We have begun archiving another podcast: Corsten’s Countdown. So far, we have archived 30 episodes. As such, there is now an additional 30 hours worth of music to discover on the archive. What is included in this part of the patch is discography information for the show’s host, Ferry Corsten as well as the record labels Tsunami and Flashover Recordings.

Like the other pages, we’ve gone through our archive and linked up the mentions of the label and artist. This targets the existing information available in the archive. Also, like our previous pages, the dedicated pages points to the official pages so people can find out more about the labels or artist and learn how they can buy said music.

One observation we’ve made is the fact that this Wiki is beginning to take on information healing properties as well. When we go through and research all of these shows, there are sometimes gaps in the information that is simply not available anywhere. Sometimes, we can rely on other pieces of knowledge available on the Wiki and fill in some of those gaps. This largely revolves around label information. So, whenever we encounter an episode that has little information (small chance of that with the current show we are archiving), we are now getting tools to repair the missing information. As more information is logged on the site, those repair tools become more sophisticated. This actually is a benefit we didn’t really take into account, but are, nevertheless, happy that it exists.

A point worth making about this current show we are archiving: this will take a little longer then some of the other ones. This is because there are over 670 episodes (and counting) to archive. So, there is a good possibility that we won’t be able to finish this one before the end of this month. Still, we are going to try and get as much information up as humanly possible with the time we have to work on this.

We hope you enjoy these latest additions to the Wiki and can’t wait to keep adding to this growing body of knowledge.

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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