Announcement: The July 2022 Wiki Content Patch

We now take a look at what we’ve added to the Wiki over the last month. This is for the month of July.

Last month, we announced the June Wiki content patch. That patch wound up being a very substantial one. Not only did we add a third genre, but we added a significant amount of content on the next show, Synth City. It was definitely an unusual set of circumstances that allowed us to get as far as we did, but we were more than happy to take such a huge amount of progress.

This month, we managed to complete a substantial amount of work again. Initially, when I started working on the Synth City archive, I thought that it would probably take about three months to complete. Well, something happened along the way that made the process much faster. I had gotten a slight cold. It involved a headache, cough, runny nose, and what felt like swelling of the sinuses. There was no physical way that I am aware of that I could have gotten COVID-19, but I had initially assumed it was allergies.

Well, on day two of the symptoms, those symptoms got worse. So, I called in sick at my day job. It was no big deal, but I figured that there was no point in bringing a cold to work. Lucky for me, the symptoms weren’t necessarily severe. So, I thought I’d take the opportunity to work on the Wiki archive.

A day later, my work called. The supervisor commented that I sound like I had symptoms. I assured her that it wasn’t COVID-19, however, the insistence was that I had symptoms similar to COVID-19. I said that this was fair and I was immediately put in quarantine protocol. Lucky for me, this is paid time off, so it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. While I was in quarantine, I went ahead and got tested twice in the standard interval. Both tests came out negative, though I will say it sucks having the nasal swap right when your body wants to sneeze.

Anyway, since I was sick enough to be in quarantine, but not sick enough to being unable to work, I went ahead and continued the archive project. Basically, I was given almost a week of time off to work on that Wiki because of quarantine. By the end of quarantine, the whole archive of Synth City was complete. The archive totalled (at the time of completion) 368 episodes totalling 737 hours worth of documented music. Definitely thrilled to have gotten that project done ahead of time.

Normally, I would have written a mini-update to announce that the project had been completed, but if I did that, then that would leave me almost nothing for the regular patch notes. So, I held off until today to announce that the archive project has been completed.

Now, what is going to be the next archive project? It’s a great question. Well, as you might recall from last month, I had two candidates for what show to archive next: Synth City and another trance show that has a placeholder on the site (which gets the odd web hit here and there). With the other show completed, I am opting to get that show done next.

Of course, as with the other shows, there is a fair bit of legwork I like to get done before diving straight into another show. Usually, it involves an archive page for another artist and another record label or two (typically related to the show itself). The artist was straight forward. An information page about OceanLab has been completed. While a small discography, the linking up of every page proved to be quite a task. Still, all the links are now in place. That means one part of the legwork is done now.

The second part is the record label. One thing I did in the early days of the Wiki was to basically link mentions of Anjunadeep to the AnjunaBeats label. I knew back then that these were actually two separate labels, but I figured that I could complete Anjunadeep later and re-link everything up. It was a temporary solution to a job that involved a lot of work. Well, “later” kept getting pushed further and further back as other massive projects got completed. The longer this temporary solution stuck around, the more it felt like a linking error rather than a temporary solution.

So, in other projects, whenever I had to make reference to a label similar to another one, I decided to just leave that label not linked to. In all honesty, it wound up being a better solution and I had since made it a habit to just not mix two similar labels together like that. This still leaves the Anjunadeep label being linked to the Anjunabeats label page. While no one has complained about this, I decided to go ahead and work on fixing this problem now that the opportunity has presented itself.

Right now, I am in the process of generating the Anjunadeep label. There are… a lot of releases associated with that label. Still, in the short period of time I had between completing Synth City and now, I am proud to have gotten as much work done on it as I did. I think I’m at somewhere around the half way mark of completing that page. Once that page is completed, the next step is to go through the entire Wiki and properly link to the real Anjunadeep label page – thus finally fixing a long-standing issue on the Wiki content.

Now, the question some of you might have is, what show am I working on? Yes, there is another show I could be theoretically talking about, but I’ll do away with the suspense and say that it is, indeed, Group Therapy. There are still a few steps to go in getting to this show, but I am now getting very close to finally getting this project started.

I hope you are happy that this is the next archival project. It seems some of you out there are anticipating the generation of this archive, so, yes, it is coming. Hopefully, this makes you happy and I can’t wait until I am finally adding this to the site.

Also, I have updated the archives for Synth City (one new episode was added since the archive’s completion), Future Sound of Egypt, Fables (includes a lot of official postings being added as well as the filling out of some missing content), Resonation, and the V Recordings Podcast. No new episode was posted this month for the Random Movement Podcast, so that archive remains updated as is.

I hope you enjoy the addition to the archive already and I look forward to getting to work on the next project!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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