Announcement: The February 2020 Wiki Content Patch

We here at Freezenet are proud to announce the official Wiki’s second content patch. This announcement details what is new in the Wiki for February, 2020.

Back on January 12 of this year, we announced the official opening of the Freezenet official Wiki. At the time, the Wiki offered content to show off where we are heading for what is going to be on this portion of the site. This includes discography information, release information, genre data, and even various shows to help with discovery of new music.

With that, we began working quickly to try and fill the Wiki with our knowledge of music. It’ll certainly be a while before we start to scratch the surface of what we know about music. Still, what better time to get started then the present? So, after the month of January, we published our first patch known as the January 2020 patch. The patch saw 20 additional pages made to the Wiki, documenting what really is 40 hours and even showing off about 36 hours worth of listening material.

The thing is, the time frame between the official Wiki release and the January patch was small. So, what happens when you have a full month to work on stuff like this? Well, you get more content.

This month, we are proud to say this month’s content patch is much meatier. In all, we were able to post up an additional 69 pages. Again, we are focused on the one radio show we are documenting for the time being. With this additional expansion, we have been able to document a total of 90 episodes. With one 4 hour special, this translates to 182 hours worth of listening material being documented so far. While we are really just getting warmed up, this huge increase in content means that if you were able to listen through all of this 24 hours per day, it will take just over 7 and a half days to get through it all. So, more practically speaking, it might take you about 3 weeks to get through it all at this point.

Of course, adding an obscene amount of material wasn’t the only thing we did this month. As you browse that page, you’ll notice something a bit different about the page. We actually took the liberty of reformatting the page to be much more manageable. Before, we had a ridiculously long list for each episode. As you can imagine, this would mean a whole lot of scrolling. We looked at what we had and thought we could do better then that. So, we ditched the long list and replaced it with ten by ten grids. Each grid houses up to 100 episodes. So, before, you might be able to see anywhere between 15 to 35 episodes in a single screen, now you can see anywhere between 100 to 300 episodes in a single screen.

This additional formatting should make life a heck of a lot easier even for people on mobile devices. It requires a bit more coding on our part, but anything to help make the experience that we can manage is something we are interested in doing.

We hope you enjoy this additional content and formatting adjustment. We also look forward to generating more content you are interested in in the future.

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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