Announcement: The August 2020 Wiki Content Patch

More content is being added on our official Wiki. Additionally, the scope of the Wiki is widening as well. All this and more with this month’s patch.

Last month’s Wiki content patch featured a monster of an increase in content. Hundreds of episodes and hundreds of hours worth of documented music was added. This month, the additions are substantial. In fact, the additions are so substantial, we couldn’t contain them all in a single update this month.

Earlier this month, we noted the completion of Corsten’s Countdown. That show, at the time, featured 684 episodes totaling roughly 699 hours worth of documented music.

After that, we announced a second mini update. In that update, we announced the completion of the archive of Air Up There. That show features 100 episodes being added to the Wiki.

While that has already been announced, the question is, what have we been up to since then? Well, quite a lot, actually. Most significantly is the addition of the show Random Movement Podcast. So far, we’ve archived 42 episodes. Unfortunately, a tally of how many hours we’ve been able to document couldn’t really easily be obtained because the show’s length varies so much. Still, this is a show that wavers between a little over an hour to two hours. In one instance, an episode went over 3 hours in length. A spinoff addition is the inclusion of information about Random Movement as well as the label Flight Pattern.

If you’ve been following the Wiki updates, you’ll notice something different about these updates. They have nothing to do with trance music (previous shows were largely about trance music). Well, that would be an excellent observation because this artist, label, and show is about drum and bass music. As a result, we are expanding the scope of the Wiki to include drum and bass music. Parts of the drum and bass community have been quite supportive of us (and me personally) over the years. This is ultimately a way we can give back to the community – by making the genre more accessible to people as a whole.

A spinoff benefit is that you can learn about more music in other genre’s in the process. The Wiki is all about music in many different genre’s. It’s open to many different tastes as well. It’s difficult to really encapsulate all these different genre’s and tastes without a substantial amount of work. Right now, this is finally starting to be realized. The intention is that we’ll gradually continue to include more genre’s and styles of music in the future as well.

In addition to this, we’ve updated the show, Corsten’s Countdown. That show’s archive now goes all the way up to episode 687. Also, the Fables archive has been updated too. That archive now goes all the way up to episode 159.

We whop you enjoy these latest additions and look forward to continue adding more to the site in the future as well. You can always keep an eye on the Wiki to get a more real time look at what all is being added to the site.

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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