Announcement: Introducing Your Era Gamer!

We are excited to announce Freezenet’s new channel, Your Era Gamer. A YouTube channel devoted to gaming content.

Freezenet is thrilled to announce the new YouTube channel, Your Era Gamer. You can view the video announcement on YouTube or in the embedded video below:

As you can tell, the channel is looking a bit different. This channel, as of the time of this upload, is changing to Your Era Gamer. This has been a concept that has been in the works for a few weeks now and I am thrilled to finally start showcasing what I have been cooking up all this time.

This channel will be devoted to video game content. Whether it is first impression video’s or possibly some new stuff coming down the pipeline, who knows? Either way, the massive rebranding has begun with some big steps already taken.

If you are here looking for the tech news content, you can check out the new channel, @freezenetca. There, I’ll be uploading things like Drew’s Corner and, who knows? Possibly other news related content? This is all part of an effort to streamline the content, making it easier for you to get precisely the content you would expect. I hope you like the changes and look forward to making this experience even better for you!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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