Announcement: Freezenet Podcast Reached 500 Listens!

Freezenet is thrilled to announce that the official podcast on has surpassed 500 listens.

The Freezenet official podcast has reached a great milestone. The podcast has received over 500 listens now. This is via the statistics we have on our Anchor account. This covers pretty much every platform our podcast is available on. The only exception is SoundCloud which has its own internal statistics. Otherwise, if you listen to our podcast on any of our official sources, you are getting it from the Anchor platform. You can check out our Anchor feed here.

At the moment, the 40th episode is currently in the editing process, so this won’t get mentioned because it happened after the podcast got recorded. We’ll probably mention it next time, though.

I just wanted to send out my gratitude and thanks to everyone who listened to the podcast. Thank you for helping it get to this level of success. We hope to keep going and continue producing this podcast all of you liked so much. Thank you from all of us here on Freezenet! Here’s to the next 500 listens!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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