Announcement: Freezenet Launches Brand New Look

Today is a brand new day for Freezenet. We have launched our brand new look.

Today is a brand new chapter in Freezenet. After over a month of hard work, we are proud to show off our brand new look! This look was made possible by the theme BlankSlate produced by TidyThemes. We would like to thank the people of TidyThemes for not only producing the base, but also being patient with us as they provided feedback and support. So, many thanks!

So, now that we have taken this website this far, we would like to turn things over to you. We are inviting constructive feedback. What do you think of this new look? Do you have suggestions to improve the look? You can get in touch in the comments below.

Also, you may have already noticed the greatly expanded features of this site. We have a series of guides on filesharing and distribution, an “other” guide section, and a new links and resources section. So, feel free to check out what has been added!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Google+.

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