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Canadian Officials Pushing TPP Provisions Ahead of Consultations

The status of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in Canada may not exactly be clear. The Canadian government has signaled it is launching consultations. Unfortunately, this comes shortly after documents reveal that some of the controversial copyright provisions in the trade deal are already being pushed behind closed doors.

8 Technical Methods That Make the PROTECT IP Act Useless

We’ve been running a series of guides that show just how easy it is to bi-pass general DNS censorship. It’s general DNS censorship that has been proposed in the PROTECT-IP Act among other things. Rather than simply debate philosophically on why the PROTECT-IP act will do absolutely nothing to deter copyright infringement, we decided to […]

Pirate Party to Offer VPN to Protect Canadians from Conservative Majority

It’s a service often used for dissidents in repressive regimes, but if a Conservative majority were to happen in the Canadian elections, the Pirate Party of Canada says they’ll be there to help. A VPN service can help annonymize internet activity and for those fearful of a Conservative majority, it might very well be at […]