Universal Music Buying EMI – An Anti-Trust Concern?

Universal Music is trying to convince anti-trust regulators that buying EMI does not create anti-competitive concerns. Critics argue that having 41% control of the music market (ala ‘super-label’) is cause for concern for competitiveness in the market. It is all part of a debate being held before US law-makers.

Universal Targets Music Streaming Site

Compared to other music stores like iTunes, Deezer is a relatively new French music streaming site. Their big selling point is their legality – which is something that Universal is challenging.

Universal to Sell DRM-free Music

Since its inception, DRM (Digital Rights Management) quickly became point of contention with consumers. While complaints have been around pretty much since DRM was first implemented, the Sony rootkit fiasco has merely inflamed criticism.

Universal Cracks Down on Fan Art

From what started off as a TV series, the large following of the cancelled hit TV show ‘Fire-Fly’ was allegedly encouraged to create fan-based content for the movie ‘Serenity’.