8 Technical Methods That Make the PROTECT IP Act Useless

We’ve been running a series of guides that show just how easy it is to bi-pass general DNS censorship. It’s general DNS censorship that has been proposed in the PROTECT-IP Act among other things. Rather than simply debate philosophically on why the PROTECT-IP act will do absolutely nothing to deter copyright infringement, we decided to

How to Defeat US DNS Censorship (Using Tor)

We’ve been running a series of guides discussing various ways of defeating censorship – particularly US DNS censorship. Previously, our guides covered methods to defeat censorship including command prompt, using a DNS web tool, using a hosts file and, for those sites that merely had their domains seized, using the MAFIAAFire redirector. One question one

Will Pirate Party TOR Nodes Be Used for More Than Iranian Free Speech?

There’s been particularly distressing news being reported today from 5 different countries for those who have believed in civil rights on the internet. Meanwhile, it seems that the Pirate Party has chosen today to launch two TOR nodes to help political dissidents in Iran exercise free speech in a country where free speech could cost