MPAA Successfully Kills TVs Record Button

If anyone thought the ideas around the Broadcast Flag have finally died off, they’d be dead wrong. Reports are coming in that the FCC has granted Selectable Output Control (SOC) meaning that they, not you, can choose what can be recorded on your own TV.

The Return of the Broadcast Flag

It may be an issue that hasn’t made the headlines in the last four years, but a controversial kind of Digital Rights Management (DRM) appears to be making a return to the spotlight.

Podcasting On the Rise

Podcasting has accomplished many extraordinary feats recently. Inexpensive by nature, almost anyone with some spare change can start their own Internet radio or TV show.

TV Lawsuits More Apparent In The Future?

iTunes has been a resource for many users willing to pay for the format. Now with a business move many predicted months before it was made, iTunes is now selling digital video content.

EFF Concerned About British Broadcast Flag

The idea of the broadcast flag is rather unsettling to many Americans. It restricts many things one can do with a television set that he or she could otherwise normally do such as time shifting.