Protests Organizing Over ‘Big Brother’ Stockholm Program

The issue should not go through silently, at least this was the sentiment of some people who are watching the formation of the Stockholm Program. The program is said to be “fortified” by the Heads of State and the government in December. What’s said to be at stake is the expansion of surveillance that can

Politician Discovers Equating Pirate Party Supporters to Rapists a Bad Idea

The argument falls on an age old argument against privacy – that if you have nothing to hide, why should you be worried about privacy. Unfortunately for feminist politician for the Centre Party Annika Qarlsson, that argument didn’t quite come out like that. Instead, while trying to make that argument, she ended up suggesting that

Sweden Diverts 15 Police Officials to Investigate Copyright Infringement

With the Pirate Party of Sweden on the rise, you’d think that diverting police resources to target alleged copyright infringers such as file-sharers online would be political suicide in that country. After copyright law reforms and the prosecution of the admins of The Pirate Bay, it appears as though the citizens of Sweden will have

Famous Swedish Writer – Why I’m Voting Pirate Party

Freedom of expression, digital rights and privacy in a digital era. How many people knew topics like that would be a critical election issue in Europe 25 years ago? At first, the movement to bring these issues to the forefront started on someone’s personal website, but now a famous Swedish writer is throwing his support