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TPP Has No Economic Benefit – Australian Pirate Party

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has made headlines for a number of years and now there’s been a development. The Pirate Party of Australia has concluded that, while the content of the agreement is still officially shrouded in mystery, they can conclude that the secretive agreement has no economic benefit.

ZeroPaid Interviews the Pirate Party of Canada

If you asked a file-sharer in, say, 2005, if there would be a political party with a focus on, among other things, copyright and internet rights issues, you were more than likely to just get an odd look or a response wondering what kind of substances you were on. That was just four years ago.

German Pirate Party to Win Several Seats in Germany!

The Swedish Pirate Party winning one seat in the European Parliament was a major milestone for the party on the world stage. It inspired several people in different countries to form their own Pirate Party in different countries around the world. So, one can only imagine what it means for the international movement on word

Protests Organizing Over ‘Big Brother’ Stockholm Program

The issue should not go through silently, at least this was the sentiment of some people who are watching the formation of the Stockholm Program. The program is said to be “fortified” by the Heads of State and the government in December. What’s said to be at stake is the expansion of surveillance that can

Exclusive: Canadian Pirate Party Responds to Green Party

We already reported on the Green Party of Canada saying that we don’t need a Pirate Party of Canada because Canada has the Green Party. This was in response to word that the Pirate Party of Canada was forming in Canada. We’ve now gotten a response from the Pirate Party of Canada about what they

We Don’t Need a Canadian Pirate Party – Green Party Leader

There was an interesting interview with Green Party Elizabeth May about Canada forming its own Pirate Party. Right off the bat, she concluded that Canada doesn’t need a Pirate Party because Canada has the Green Party. Before you think that this is an attack on digital rights, she explains that Canada needs a 12 year