Support for TPP in Canada Drops by 9%

An Angus Reid poll suggests that supporters for the TPP in Canada has been eroding for the last several months, dipping to its lowes level since August of 2015. Persistently, almost half of Canadians don’t have an opinion on the agreement.

Opinion: Combining Several Bad Ideas Won’t Stop Piracy

By Drew Wilson Last week, a report suggested that the government agency HADOPI was gearing up to combine website blocking, three strikes laws, search engine demotion and the cutting off of forms of revenue as a means to try and put the squeeze on piracy. Drew Wilson offers his opinion on the matter. One thing

Opinion: John Manley’s 5 Points for CETA Don’t Add Up

By Drew Wilson John Manley, chief executive of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, recently wrote an opinion piece in which he offers five points on why everyone should be supportive of CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement). Drew Wilson responds with his own rebuttal to the piece. While I was getting swamped by the

Editorial: Why We Are a Long Way From Using Anonymous P2P Networks

By Drew Wilson Every few years, the idea of using anonymous networks pops up in discussion from time to time. Often, this is the result of some event such as the RIAA suing users en-masse or ISPs throttling certain protocols. The latest prediction comes from a a posting on Slashdot in which the author says

Editorial: The Borderline Comical Position of a TPP Supporter

By Drew Wilson Drew Wilson comments on an article written by a trade adviser who expressed disappointment over the fact that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was not at the top of US president Barack Obama’s agenda. Picture this: you support something and you want to promote it to the best of your abilities. Here are

Sony CEO – The Internet? Nothing Good Has Ever Come Out of There!

Many would argue that it’s up to the record industry to somehow reconcile with new technology, like the internet, instead of fighting it. As if to reinforce the stereotype that the record labels just hate the internet altogether, a CEO from Sony pretty much said just that in a recent forum.