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CFAA Reform to Criminalize Teenagers for Reading News Online?

It’s an evolution of habits. Instead of opening a newspaper, many are turning to the Internet to find out what is happening in this world today. Unfortunately, it seems that part of the CFAA (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act) reform could inadvertently make it a criminal offense for teenagers to view many well-read news sites.

News Sites, Advocacy Organizations Discovered on UK Mobile Blacklists

The Open Rights Group has been investigating what websites being filtered on mobile networks. So far, the list has been quite startling as websites like Tor and La Quadrature du Net wound up on the blacklists that have obviously have nothing to do with pornographic content. Now, more revelations are coming forward from the blacklists […]

Media Gives LulzSec Credit for Another Hack They Never Carried Out

If there is anything that is surprising about the LulzSec story, outside of their success, is the poor quality of journalism when it comes to covering the hacking. After improperly giving LulzSec credit for breaking in to and compromising UK census data, now they are giving LulzSec credit for bringing down Australian domain registrar Distribute.it.