BPI Exec – Industry Shouldn’t Have Fought Napster

It may have taken 10 years for one executive to come up with this revelation, but the head of the British Phonographic Industry, or BPI, has recently admitted that the industry shouldn’t have fought Napster, but rather, engaged it. Who knows? At this rate, maybe another executive will think that the industry should consider a

10th Anniversary of Napster This Month

Some may not know it, but June is an interesting month for file-sharer’s. This year, June marks a major milestone for file-sharers. It was June, 1999 when Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker released the first version of Napster – an application that has since changed the face of entertainment, the internet and copyright to name

Napster 2.0 Could Be Put on the Auction Block

You’d think that with the passage of the Higher Education Act, which forces colleges and universities in the United States to block P2P and promote authorized music stores, that companies like Napster would have it made – obviously, that’s not the case.