How to Play Music from N64 Games Losslessly (FAQ)

Previously, we posted a little guide to show you how to play music from Nintendo 64 games losslessly. However, there are still some questions you might have with regards to the process or maybe you have come across a problem somewhere along the line. So, we put together this complimentary FAQ that might answer some

How to Play Music from N64 Games Losslessly

Like a number of people out there today, I like to stick with what today’s world calls “classic” video games. Way back when 3D first became the rule and not the exception. What if you wanted to just listen to the music played on games way back then? We’ll show you how to get the

FLAC Updates

For many years now, users have associated music with the MP3 format. The MP3 format has become a sort of standard amongst an overwhelming majority of users.