Stop Online Piracy Act – The Bill The Internet Stopped

By Drew Wilson If one were to ask Internet advocates some of the most significant achievements of the Internet in recent memory, there is a good chance that the day the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) was stopped would be brought up amongst those achievements. We take a look

Magnotta Case Used to Sell Canadian Surveillance Legislation – Memo’s

Newly found memo’s suggest that the Minister for Public Safety Vic Teows was trying to use the Luka Rocco Magnotta case to sell the controversial online surveillance legislation. The revelations aren’t entirely a surprise, but what is surprise is that, after all this time, no one seems to be any closer to linking the murder

Your Question: Bill C-32 – Has it Passed?

We’ve provided some extensive coverage of Bill C-32 including a detailed analysis that allows readers to decipher our interpretations for themselves. Since our detailed review, a number of you have asked us in our comments and via e-mail if the bill is passed or not. We are more than happy to answer this question.