TorrentLitigation Adds Insight into File-Sharing Lawsuits

By Drew Wilson The lawsuit campaign against individual file-sharers is probably one of the older online anti-piracy efforts record labels and movie studios have used. While the anti-piracy efforts employed today are more complex, there are still plenty of file-sharing lawsuits going around. That is where TorrentLitigation comes into the picture. It’s a website not

New Wave of Canadian FileSharing Lawsuits Hits Roadblock

By Drew Wilson Late last year, Canadians were treated to news that an anti-piracy outfit working on behalf of Voltage media was gearing up to sue Canadians by the millions for the downloading of copyrighted movies on BitTorrent. While those operating on the side of the plaintiffs of the case practically insinuated that going through

300 Alleged BitTorrent Users Targeted By Porn Industry

It seems that the porn industry is currently ramping up its anti-piracy efforts after filing lawsuits against 300 individuals accused of copyright infringement. The lawsuits were filed by Millennium TGA, Lightspeed Media Corporation and Hard Drive Productions in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division.