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Magnotta Case Used to Sell Canadian Surveillance Legislation – Memo’s

Newly found memo’s suggest that the Minister for Public Safety Vic Teows was trying to use the Luka Rocco Magnotta case to sell the controversial online surveillance legislation. The revelations aren’t entirely a surprise, but what is surprise is that, after all this time, no one seems to be any closer to linking the murder

Anti-Surveillance Petition Strikes a Chord with Canadians

The Canadian government has gone through a 58 hour filibuster with regards to the Canada Post lockout. With this out of the way, some are fearing what the Canadian Conservative government will do next. One of the things that could be in the pipe-line is the much feared warrantless wiretapping legislation. It sparked one group

Canadian Surveillance Legislation Dissected – Bill C-46

The new surveillance legislation in Canada has been causing waves, but today, we are finally able to actually read the legislation for the first time and the two bills contain some interesting provisions. We look at the legislation (Bill C-46 in this article) that has already worried many Canadians.