Jammie Thomas

Judge Slashes Jammie Thomas Fine to $54,000

The case is at least 4 years old now, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. Jammie Thomas trial was described as a “first of its kind” trials where a file-sharer was sued for sharing music in the US. Now, a new development has unfolded in this long-running trial which may very likely be seen as

US Govt Urges Judge to Reject Thomas’ Unconstitutionality Claim

When Jammie Thomas was fined $1.92 million for sharing 24 songs, the verdict sent shock waves throughout the world. Thomas’ lawyers then appealed the decision based on a number of factors including saying that the award was unconstitutionally high. Now, the US government, namely the Department of Justice (DoJ), is stepping in to defend the

Jammie Thomas Wants a Retrial, Says Damages Unconstitutional

For many, the very thought of going up against the record labels in the United States over file-sharing is something most aren’t exactly capable of doing – let alone three times. This is precisely what Jammie Thomas is after according to recently submitted court documents.

No Deal! Jammie Thomas to Appeal $1.92 Million Fine

Is it constitutional to fine someone $1.9 Million for sharing 24 songs? Is it copyright infringement to merely place songs in a shared folder? That and many more questions might be answered in the Jammie Thomas case where she recently said that she would be appealing.

Jammie Thomas Fined $1.92 Million for Sharing 24 Songs

It only took the jury a few hours to deliberate and weigh all the evidence. Jammie Thomas was originally sued for $222,000, but her new fine is now $1.92 Million. Some are already wondering whether or not such a fine is even constitutional.

RIAA Objects to Jammie Thomas Having Legal Council During Re-trial

There’s been small movements in the Jammie Thomas case, but recently, the US’s first file-sharing case to make it to the US court system and receive a full trial has surged back into the headlines. The reports suggest that the current legal council wants out of the case. When Thomas asked for new legal council