How to Defeat US DNS Censorship (Changing Your DNS Server)

We’ve been running a series for guides for some time on how to defeat DNS censorship as suggested by the PROTECT-IP Act. Today, we’ll show you another method that requires no installation or downloading anything. All it requires is what comes with your computer. We’ll show you how to do this with Windows 7 and

How to Defeat US DNS Censorship (Using Foxy Proxy)

Our guide series continues with another FireFox plug-in called “Foxy Proxy”. It’s a bit like Tor only you are not connected to a huge network of proxies, but rather, using a single proxy to access the internet. While arguably less secure than using Tor, for using it simply to bi-pass DNS censorship (or even using

How to Defeat US DNS Censorship (Using Tor)

We’ve been running a series of guides discussing various ways of defeating censorship – particularly US DNS censorship. Previously, our guides covered methods to defeat censorship including command prompt, using a DNS web tool, using a hosts file and, for those sites that merely had their domains seized, using the MAFIAAFire redirector. One question one

Guide: How to Defeat US DNS Censorship (Using MAFIAAFire)

We’ve been writing a series of guides on how to defeat US DNS censorship – mainly as suggested by the PROTECT IP Act. Those guides were using command prompt, using DNS web tools and using a hosts file. There is one form of DNS censorship that the United States has been known to do, and

How to Defeat US DNS Censorship (Using Your Hosts File)

We’ve been finding ways of defeating DNS censorship partly because the United States has been suggesting that they will utilize such censorship in the PROTECT IP Act. Today, we’d like to introduce a very effective and powerful way you can defeat DNS censorship – and that is simply using a more obscure method that, again,

How to Defeat US DNS Censorship (Using DNS Web Tools)

In our previous guide, we showed you how it is possible to defeat basic web censorship solely using things you already have on a Windows machine. Unfortunately, this might not always be successful, so we would like to show you a second way to obtain a server IP address that relies on tools available for

Guide: How to Circumvent US DNS Censorship (Obtaining Server IPs)

The PROTECT IP Act in the United States would block certain domains from responding if Hollywood decides you shouldn’t be permitted to view that website. The good news is that this depends on you using actual names to access websites, not IP addresses. This will make it substantially easier to bi-pass US censorship and Windows

Guide: How to Rip N64 Video Game Music Via Audio Logging

We’ve already discussed how to get N64 game music with the MiniUSF format (and included an FAQ as a bonus). However, not all music on the N64 can be obtained this way. Today, we’ll introduce a second line of attack at getting N64 music – audio logging.

How to Play Music from N64 Games Losslessly (FAQ)

Previously, we posted a little guide to show you how to play music from Nintendo 64 games losslessly. However, there are still some questions you might have with regards to the process or maybe you have come across a problem somewhere along the line. So, we put together this complimentary FAQ that might answer some