Fair Dealing

Canadian Copyright Reform Bill – The Winners and Losers

We have just wrapped up reviewing bill C-32, Canada’s copyright reform bill. Since Canada had a huge public consultation on the matter earlier, we found it to be an interesting idea to go over the submissions and try to determine whether or not Canadians were listened to or not.

Another Day, Another Call to Expand Canada’s Fair Dealings

Barry Sookman might not like the idea of expanding Canada’s fair dealings regime, but the increasingly large chorus of calls have been to expand Canada’s fair dealings regime in one way or another. The latest call comes from the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences (CFHSS) which seems to coincide the growing trend

The DOC Supports Expanding Canada’s Fair Dealings

Fair dealings is a very hot topic for debate in Canada. While a select few, namely Barry Sookman, don’t support any expansion on fair dealings, there is a growing chorus of people who support expanding fair dealings in some way. The more recent organization to support an expansion on Fair Dealings is the Documentary Organization

Telus Voices Opinion on Copyright Reform

As long as there has been intellectual property, Copyright has always been following close behind. When ‘this internet thing’ came around, it changed the face of the intellectual landscape forever.