Data Retention

Australian Data Retention Stalls

Data retention has cropped up from time to time. This time, we’re noticing its appearance in Australia where it apparently hit a roadblock recently. The terms of the data retention policy has reportedly been knocked back.

UK Spy – Gov’t Logging Your Web Activity Saves Lives

Stop us if you’ve heard this one already – we must forgo our privacy and allow the government to log all of our activity on the internet to prevent a terrorist attack. No, it’s not another pro-wiretapping argument being made in the United States, but it is a pro-data retention argument being heard in Britain

Swedish Government Wants to Force ISPs to Retain Data for 6 Months

A newly leaked government report is suggesting that the Swedish government is planning on implementing a new law that would force ISPs to retain all user information for a period of six months. the Swedish minister stressed that nothing is set in stone regarding this, but a theory is already being put forth that says