ScarAngel 2.0 Released

With the open source nature of the eMule client, things can occur that proprietary software wouldn’t dream of allowing.

eMule Celebrates 5 Years with Version 0.48a

As time goes on, things do change. New websites are formed, old ones go offline. One of the biggest changes in the last two or three years was probably the notable slow-down of innovation in new file-sharing networks.

Donkey Server No. 1 Forces Upgrade

Over the past few days, more and more users were horrified that search results turned up nothing but the following: “please use emule 0.47c and enable protocol obfuscation to get results from this server.”

Development Continues with eMule 0.47b

More software development has emerged. This time eMule, the most popular and heavily modded (thanks to its open source nature) clients on the eDonkey2000 network, has received another update.