Anti-Circumvention Laws Struck Down in Columbia

By Drew Wilson On the back of the news we broke earlier about a study on anti-circumvention laws, news has arrived that those kinds of anti-circumvention laws have been struck down in the constitutional court of Columbia. It’s part of many trade agreements including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement

Report – CETA Weeks Away from Completion

By Drew Wilson One of the, according to activists, threats to the Internet is apparently nearing completion. CETA (Comprehensive economic and Trade Agreement) is reportedly weeks away from being finalized. While the text has mostly remained secret, leaked information revealed that it contains anti-circumvention language and a copyright term extension. There’s even the possibility of

New Study: Anti-Circumvention Laws Excessively Favours Rightsholders

By Drew Wilson One of the issues brought up by activists in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was that included anti-circumvention language. Now, activists have new evidence to back them up. A recently published study says that copy protection laws are excessively favoring the content industry. Anti-circumvention laws are already a fact of life in the

UK Court Rules Blank Nintendo DS Cartridges Illegal

Building home brew video games for the Nintendo DS (and any form of modding for that matter) just got a lot harder for UK residents. A UK court ruled that blank cartridges such as R4DS are illegal and that retail stores are banned from selling, marketed or importing such cartridges in the UK. While many

American Anti-Circumvention Laws Becoming More Liberal?

The US might be one party pushing for tougher copyright rules internationally through ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement), but the laws surrounding anti-circumvention appear to be getting looser these days. It may very well be a sign that the toughest anti-circumvention rules around might not be in everyone’s best interest.