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Announcements from FreezeNet News Site Opens

Hello, I’m Drew Wilson and this is FreezeNet.  This website may not look all that familiar to you apart from the simple WordPress theme, but you may have seen my work in the past.  I’ve worked for multiple filesharing news websites since September 1st, 2005 as a staff writer.  If you’ve seen news hits like “Sony BMG Sued for Software Piracy – Assets Seized”, “What File-Sharing Studies Really Say” (20 story series) and “5 Alternatives to ThePirateBay”, then you have very likely seen the results of the reports I wrote out in the past.  During the time I spent on each website, many came to rely on the reliable reporting that I helped craft on each website.  As a result, the websites I worked for became successful thanks in part due to my well-known dedication in the fields of understanding copyright, file-sharing, privacy, surveillance, international trade and many other ways technology and technology policy impacts you as you browse an ever changing Internet landscape.

Now, I finally have a website to call home.  It may not look like much now, but it will gradually evolve into more than just a basic website over time.  Over the next while, I hope to bring high quality and reliable news reports that you’ve come to expect of me from the past seven years.

Here’s to a prosperous 2013 with a fresh news website.