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Random Movement
Photo of Random Movement
Member(s) Mike Richards
Country USA
Official Website randommovement.org

Random Movement is a DJ and producer. He is known for his releases dating as far back as 2005.[1]. In 2016, he founded his own record label known as Flight Pattern.[2] On September 15, 2009, he started a podcast called the Random Movement Podcast.[3] which continues to air to this day. His productions focus on liquid funk drum and bass. Specifically, he focuses on the more soulful jazz styles of drum and bass. This is also reflected in his podcast.



Title Year Label
Lucky Guess 2010 Innerground Records
Lost On Purpose 2019 Flight Pattern

Singles & EPs

Title Year Label
What A Woman / Lifegiver 2005 Orgone
Stars In The Dark / Struggle To The Grave 2005 Bassbin
Love Nights / Red 2005 Innerground Records
Stare At The Sun / Last Nights Dream 2006 Timeless Recordings
Time To Rock / Morning Glory 2006 Bassbin
Scarlet Trouble / Methods Of Thought 2006 Bingo Beats
Intersections PM / Wise Words 2006 Progress LTD
Infinite / They Locked Me Down 2006 Progress
Intersections 2006 Zeropoint
Thick Liquid / Sabina 2007 Innerground Records
Reaching Deeper / Face To Face 2007 Creative Source
Her Song EP 2008 Innerground Records
Groove Thing / How Many Ways 2008 Future Retro
Believe No Other / The Student 2008 Westbay International
Till' Doomsday / Lesson & Aftermath 2008 C.I.A. Deep Kut
Rattled System / Big Changes 2009 Integral Records
A Quick Thought / Dancing With Devils 2009 Peer Pressure Recordings
Scotch Bonnet / P Style 2009 Intrigue Music
Flag Man / Ain't Going Nowhere 2009 Future Retro
Lucky Guess Album Sampler Part 1 2010 Innerground Records
Lucky Guess Album Sampler Part 2 2010 Innerground Records
Back In My Life EP 2010 Driven AM Recordings
Finally Feeling It 2011 (Self-Released)
Cutting Thru Hackney / Used Illusions 2011 (Self-Released)
Many Things / Perpetual 2011 Intrigue Music
Risk / Easy On The Motion 2011 Rubik Records
Risk VIP / Heard It In My Head 2011 Rubik Digital
2 Dogs Down / Follow My Own Path Dig My Own Grave 2011 Influence Records
The Note From Next Door EP 2012 Phuzion Digital
Essential Forms (Klute Remix) / Same Ol' Me 2012 Mars Recordings
Feeling Translated / Dirt Dobber 2012 Innerground Records
Child's Play / Connections 2012 Prestige Music
Dancing Feat / I'm Nobody's Fool 2013 Rubik Records
Vermillion / Dropping The Chips (Remixes) 2013 Rubik Records
Sounds Of The Innerground Part 2 2013 Innerground Records
Corrupt Level / Alone This Way (No Need To Stay) 2013 Good Looking Records
Ahead Of It All / When The Daylight Comes 2014 V Records
Dancing Feat (Remixes) 2014 Rubik Records
Ruffled Feathers EP 2015 Fokuz Recordings
Sleazy Bitch EP 2015 Fokuz Recordings
God Complex EP 2015 Innerground Records
Girl / Future Blues 12″ 2015 Occulti Music
Meat Sauce EP 2016 Fokuz Recordings
Suggestions EP 2016 Fokuz Recordings
I Stayed Around (Lenzman Reinterpretation) / Meet You There 2016 Fokuz Recordings
You Got Somethin' / Future Fondler 2016 Flight Pattern
Nobody's Business (If I Do) 2016 Prestige Music
Life Is Permanent 2017 Flight Pattern
Arrivals Vol. 1 2018 Flight Pattern
Your Lovin' / Don't Wait 2018 Innerground Records