Flight Pattern (Label)

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Flight Pattern
Flight Pattern logo
Founded By Random Movement
Year Founded 2016
Location USA
Status Active
Website flightpatternrecords.com
Parent Label None

Flight Pattern is a record label founded by Random Movement in 2016.[1]


There are no known sub-labels associated with Flight Pattern.


2015 - 2020

Artist(s) Title Year Type Catalogue Number
Random Movement, Jaybee & Adrienne Richards You Got Somethin' / Future Fondler 2016 Single FLTPTRN001
Soul:Motion Jungle Jam / What You Do 2016 Single FLTPTRN006D
Random Movement Life Is Permanent 2017 Single FLTPTRN014D
Dilemma Tangible / Unsung 2018 EP FLTPTRN019D
Ratta, Simstah, Subsid, Random Movement Arrivals Vol. 1 2018 EP FLTPTRN024D
Septabeat Frozen EP 2018 EP FLTPTRN026D
Ben Soundscape Beats & Treats EP 2018 EP FLTPTRN027D
Addixxx Isla Mujeres EP 2018 EP FLTPTRN028D
Random Movement Lost On Purpose 2019 Album FLTPTRN001LP
Schematic The Hermit EP 2019 EP FLTPTRN029D
Anthony Kasper, Mystic Trip, Mister Shifter, Blueprint Arrivals Vol. 2 2020 Single FLTPTRN038D
Artist(s) Title Year Type Catalogue Number

(Up to date as of August 21, 2020)


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