Synth City 241

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Synth City
Official logo for Synth City (podcast)
Format Podcast
Release Date February 12, 2020
Episode 241
Host Rob Harvey
Genre Variety
Style Synth-Pop
Type Unmixed
Previous Episode 240
Next Episode 242
Official Website Synth City Radio

Episode 241 of Synth City continues the general formula. This episode is entitled "The romance of Burpday’s".[1]


Track Number Time Stamp Artist Title Mix/Remix Record Label
01 N/A Factory Acts Are You the Singer Radio Edit N/A
02 N/A Into the Blood Falling Apart Original Mix N/A
03 N/A Eric C. Powell Shattered Glass Andrik Arkane Remix N/A
04 N/A Depeche Mode Blasphemous Rumours Salvation Rmx N/A
05 N/A Dark Smoke Signal Tearing the Wings off an Angel Original Mix N/A
06 N/A Lemonade Kid (feat Verity White) Digital Graveyard Nature Of Wires Remix N/A
07 N/A Shiny Darkness Brain Strain album version N/A
08 N/A Sobranie 8 18 Stars Original Mix N/A
09 N/A Promenade Cinema Cold Fashion Original Mix N/A
10 N/A Strange Eyes Jupiter Original Mix N/A
11 N/A Girli Day Month Second RV mix N/A
12 N/A Jeff McCall State Of Mind Original Mix N/A
13 N/A Chvrches Miracle Original Mix N/A
14 N/A LorD and Master (feat Neil Francis) February Song Original Mix N/A
15 N/A GJART Superstar Original Mix N/A
16 N/A The Thompson Twins Lucky Day Original Mix N/A
17 N/A Vogon Poetry Changes Original Version N/A
18 N/A Charlotte Someone ft Lokka Vox Colors Of Life Original Mix N/A
19 N/A Hollowlove Everything Falls In Line 7 Version N/A
20 N/A Vague Notion Fallin' In Love Original Mix N/A
21 N/A The Distant Minds BLASPHEMY Original Mix N/A
22 N/A Hybrid Spirits Fear Original Mix N/A
23 N/A Iterations Killer Kane Original Mix N/A
24 N/A Ultravox I Remember (Death In The Afternoon) Original Mix N/A
25 N/A The Cowls Should It Feel like This Original Mix N/A
26 N/A Dicepeople Don't Save Me Original Mix N/A
27 N/A JUNKSISTA Control Original Mix N/A
28 N/A Brutalist Architecture in the Sun Glass Original Mix N/A


This episode can be listened to on the Official posting.