ZHC Uses YouTube to Make Art Entertaining

A YouTuber that goes by the name of ZHC has an art channel. The channel, though is about more than just painting and drawing.

About two years ago, we did a writeup about famed YouTuber, MrBeast. Last year, we mentioned two other YouTuber’s, Stuff Made Here and Lockpicking Lawyer. This is the kind of stuff I like covering in the news for a number of reasons – one of which being that it showcases some of the great talent there is on various platforms today. However, there has been so many important stories happening that I don’t really get much of a chance to cover these creators.

Today, however, the news is letting up a little, giving me the opportunity to talk about about another creator. This creator is known as ZHC. ZHC has an art themed YouTube channel. Now, obviously, there are a number of different directions one can take an art YouTube channel. You could just do an art tutorial channel, an art history channel, a channel analyzing art, and probably a number of other directions while you are at it. However, one direction ZHC took is to use art to do amazing things. One example is ZHC painting an entire school:

In addition to that, ZHC has also hosted numerous competitions as well. An example of this:

Of course, not all art projects are big. There’s also much smaller projects like customizing iPhone’s:

Art can very easily be a very stressful endeavour. What’s more is that it can be disheartening simply because competition to get attention in the art space is downright ruthless. Obviously, having talent does help quite a bit, but getting a good angle on art can also be extremely helpful. Doing art projects to brighten the world is definitely a really cool angle. It really shows a more positive spin on what art can do.

From a more general perspective, we constantly see in major news outlets all these negatives about different platforms. There’s a push to say that different online platforms have a negative impact on society. Whether it is the spreading of health misinformation or hate or some other societal ill. What we don’t necessarily see in the news is the more positive things these platforms can offer. This is certainly one of countless examples of some of the good content that is actually out there.

So, if you are curious about checking out even more content from this channel, it is right here. Maybe you aren’t into art, but maybe you’ll see something neat in those video’s anyway.

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