ZeroPaid Downtime – Week 3 – Crippled, but Alive

ZeroPaid has ended week 3 into their downtime with some signs of life. Unfortunately, the home page is all that is still available.

The extensiveness of ZeroPaid’s downtime is reaching critical proportions now. Last week, we noted that ZeroPaid remained down for the second week running. At the time, we legitimately started to wonder if the site would ever return.

Some of those fears were allayed earlier this week when homepage made a surprise return. While the site did show signs of life, the rest of the website remained down due to database errors.

Now, we have ended the third week of the ZeroPaid downtime and the story has largely remained unchanged. The home page is still up, but if you click on anything on the site, you’ll get a database error. Probably the only difference we noticed is that if you click on the forums, instead of getting a server unreachable error, you’ll now get a timeout error. To this day, administration has largely remained silent on the issue. On top of that, the official Twitter account for ZeroPaid has remained dormant since May 7.

So, while the front page is active, the site is, by and large, crippled. While it is a good sign that something on the site came back online, the fact remains that the website has largely been down for more than three weeks now. As a result, the future for the site is seemingly still in limbo.

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