Xtreme eMule Mod 6.0 Released

Today, Slyck looks at another eMule mod (modification). This time, it’s the Xtreme eMule Mod, which is based off of the official eMule.

Note: This is an article I wrote that was published elsewhere first. It has been republished here for archival purposes

The latest version is 6.0, which was released on the first of this month.

One particular thing featured on this client is the ability to calculate actual bandwidth overhead. Bandwidth overhead essentially is how much bandwidth is needed to actually send data that isn’t necessarily the data itself. Xtreme eMule is said to calculate this with better accuracy.

Another thing that Xtreme eMule Mod advertises is the fact that it uses fewer system resources. If there’s anything the uTorrent community knows about, it’s that lower system resources doesn’t necessarily equal a loss in functionality. Xtreme eMule Mod emphasizes that it uses fewer system resources.

So what’s new with Xtreme eMule? According to the change-log, other than upgrading to the 0.48a code base, the update includes Windows Vista compatibility, a new option called PaddingLength to the protocol obfuscation, and an improved 32 bit country flags feature, and a number of bug fixes.

You can download the Xtreme eMule Mod here.

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