This Week in Other News: Week of December 24

We look back on the week in headlines we’ve seen around the web. They may not quite fit in other sections, but they will certainly fit here.

That’s One High Electric Bill

It must’ve been one heck of a Christmas tree display. An Erie woman received an electric bill of $284,460,000,000 according to Go Erie. The electric company confirmed the obvious fact that the bill was in error. From the report:

Her online statement was quickly fixed to the correct amount: $284.46.

Mark Durbin, a spokesman for Penelec’s parent company First Energy, said he doesn’t know how the error occurred but obviously a decimal point was accidentally moved.

“I can’t recall ever seeing a bill for billions of dollars,” Durbin said. “We appreciate the customer’s willingness to reach out to us about the mistake.”

The woman subsequently asked for a heart monitor for Christmas.

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