Vlog: The Canadian Governments Rejection of the Bill C-11 Fix

In this sixth instalment of the vlog, I discuss the Canadian governments rejection of the Bill C-11 fix.

Welcome to the 6th instalment of my vlog. Today, I wanted to offer an update on Bill C-11 as it has been a while since I last uploaded something on this issue.

To check this video out, you can view it directly on YouTube or in the embed below:

While the Canadian Senate passed bill C-11 on third reading, they did so while, as far as I could tell, fixing Section 4.2 which is the user generated content regulation section.

Unfortunately, we found out today that, after the bill went back to the House of Commons, the Canadian government rejected this fix and put back in place the original language, meaning user generated content is decidedly back in the bill.

So, what now? Well, there is the process of reconciling the two versions of the bill. The hope for digital first creators is that the Canadian Senate will actually kick up a fuss about this particular rejection and demand that the Section 4.2 fix be put back in the bill. Otherwise, I don’t see anything between now and royal assent that will put the brakes on this looming disaster for digital first creators.

Beyond that, there’s the threat of legal action within Canada. This along with the threat of trade retaliation from the United States. This was put into sharp focus by a letter from US Senators.

This along with the 4 warnings from US trade representatives as well.

So, a lot of steps left to go, but the remaining steps where ordinary every day Canadians to have any input is fast closing. You can sign the open letter at Digital First Canada

Additionally, there’s the Open Media letter you can sign.

Obviously, you can send your concerns to your MP directly if you want to be more personal with your letter.

Hope this update proves informative and maybe I’ll get a chance to upload a few more video’s before this whole operation becomes clearly unviable.

Disclaimer: The above video only reflects the personal opinion of myself. It does not constitute legal advice of any kind. So, please, for the love of all things good, do not sue me over something as minor as a single YouTube video. It’s ridiculous I even have to put these disclaimers up in the first place, but I guess that’s the ridiculous world we live in today. Thank you.

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