Vlog: The Bill C-11 Senate Hearings – Reflections and Data

For this third vlog posting, I decided to offer some reflections and data on the Bill C-11 Senate hearings.

Welcome to episode 3 of Freezenet’s informal vlog. Today, we are reflecting on what we heard in the Bill C-11 Senate hearings as well as sharing some statistics we gathered. To check this video out, you can view it directly on YouTube or in the embed below:

Welcome to another vlog posting. Today, I decided to talk about the Bill C-11 Senate hearings and offer some interesting reflections and statistics. In fact, I even offered some charts which I think offers some very interesting insights into what Senators actually heard from witnesses.

For those who are interested in both the source of this data as well as the mountains of summaries of what was said as well as analysis, you can check out the following link which leads to the last hearing here: https://www.freezenet.ca/senate-hearings-on-bill-c-11-a-look-at-the-tenth-hearing-second-segment/

The link will feature links to every other hearing analysis page that we offered, so, hopefully, you get some use out of the suffering I went through getting this info.

Also in the video, I offer some reflections on both what was actually heard (juxtaposed to the data) as well as where I think the legislation could head to in the medium and possibly long term. So, hopefully you find this perspective insightful in some way or another (multiple ways?).

Also, it took two takes as my first take wound up being slightly too long for YouTube. Second time was the charm I guess, though I did feel a little rushed to try and get the points out. Ah well, what can you do, right?

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