Vlog: Heartbreaking! Live Reacting to Bill C-11 Passing 2nd Reading in Senate

For the fourth instalment of the vlog, we are taking you live to the Senate floor for the C-11 vote (2nd reading).

Welcome to episode 4 of Freezenet’s informal vlog. Today, we take you live down to the Senate floor where the 2nd reading vote has happened. To check this video out, you can view it directly on YouTube or in the embed below:

This is probably the hardest thing to cover yet. I’m live reacting to the vote results of Bill C-11 second reading at the Canadian Senate.

The results of this went 49-19, so it wasn’t even close. Senators voted overwhelmingly to destroy the lives of digital first creators – be it YouTuber’s, TikToker’s, and others. For those who want to watch the recording of the Senate, it’s up here as well.

I also did a quick write-up of this here.

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