Vlog: About Myself and Discussing the Problems of Bill C-11

This is the 1st ever official vlog for Freezenet. The topic for this vlog is Bill C-11.

Welcome to episode 1 of Freezenet’s informal vlog. The two topics discussed in this episode are the vlog itself, a quick overview of myself, and Bill C-11 and how it could cause a lot of damage on social media. To check this video out, you can view it directly on YouTube or in the embed below:

I’ve started a vlog to talk about Bill C-11. I haven’t really decided on an official name for this particular video series, though a tentative name I have is Drew’s Corner.

This video discusses where I’ve come from and how I ended up here. Figured it was a good way to at least start something. More importantly, I also touch on some of the key aspects of Bill C-11 – Canada’s Social Media Censorship bill. While I may not have the worlds greatest setup, I felt it was more important to try and raise awareness of this issue. Should this bill pass, it could very well mean the end of not just my potential vlogging career, but could cost other creators their careers as well.

As a side note, I wanted to see how something like this would perform and how you would react to something like this. If Bill C-11 passes, I’ll probably never get that chance. So, I figured that this was a case of now or never.

Also, I mentioned how this content will not be considered Canadian content. Here’s the link explaining more fully why: click

As a bonus, here is my full analysis of Bill C-11 (it has been revised since, but the general points still apply): click

For those who want the core problematic provisions, those are Sections 4.1 (2) and 4.2 which puts regulating user generated content under the purview of the CRTC (referred to as “The Commission” in the bill).

I hope this helps, at least, raise awareness about the bill. Other’s, like @J.J. McCullough have posted about this. This is just me also adding my voice to the debate beyond my text based coverage.

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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