Update: Freezenet Issues 3.2 Site Design Patch

We here at Freezenet are proud to announce the next site design patch. We talk about the changes made to the site itself here.

Back in March of 2019, we issued our previous site design patch. It was labelled as the 3.1 design patch. the patch itself was designed to address some of the design flaws that slipped through the cracks when we completely overhauled the site to be mobile friendly.

Now, we are proud to announce another site design patch labelled version “3.2”. This patch brings a whole bunch of functionality to the site as well as making some of the designs a bit easier to understand.

The first thing we did in this patch was go through out top games and music reviews of all time pages and add a link back to the index. This part of the patch was issued quite a while back, but is technically part of this patch anyway. It simply adds a bit of user friendliness to the pages themselves and no longer requires the use of the back button to navigate back to the index.

From there, we added a bit of functionality to the search result pages. Now, results will display the date that each page was published on. This will help make search results easier to understand. You no longer have to click on a result to see when a post was published in the search results.

After that, we completely overhauled the buttons on the upper right hand corner. We have finally gotten rid of the Google+ button and added the Patreon, YouTube, and Soundcloud buttons to bring our buttons more up to date.

The top navigation bar has been adjusted. The adjustment made was based off of user feedback in that some people will just want to see the news articles of Freezenet in one convenient page. So, we’ve swapped out the “Home” button for a “News” button to do just that.

Another big change that was long overdue is the inclusion of share buttons for articles. Now, you can more easily share news articles on social media without the need to copy and paste URLs. We hope this helps make your lives easier if you want to share our content with other people!

Our official web forums have been tweaked. Now, we have a forum specifically for talking about the Wiki. This is to address the issue of being unable to talk about the pages directly on the Wiki due to restrictions currently in place to block spam and vandalism. In addition to this, multiple pages worth of documentation has been added to the forum for both users and potential contributors.

Another adjustment that was based on user feedback was the removal of navigation URLs in the index pages of the different review era’s. They’ve been replaced with much more obvious buttons to show off how you can navigate between era’s with ease. These buttons also replaced the URLs in the greatest tracks/games of all time pages as well.

In addition, we’ve included a “Jobs” page on the Footer of the site. This is a brand new page designed to let people know how you can more directly help Freezenet grow. As of now, there are currently three positions available. We wanted to make these paid positions, unfortunately, we simply lack the funding and resources to offer that sort of thing. This is ultimately the next best thing we can offer.

Finally, the design patch fixes a long-standing bug of Google+ URLs appearing at the bottom of reviews. While a simple sounding fix, this was a time consuming and mind-numbing bug to fix, but you should no longer see Google+ URLs in future reviews.

We consider this patch to be a major improvement to the overall functionality of the site and we hope you enjoy the updates!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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