ZeroPaid Interviews Michael Geist

One of the many things we are tracking here at ZeroPaid is the developments of the Canadian copyright reform legislation. So, we decided to talk to Michael Geist, one of the leading experts of copyright, the internet and digital rights in Canada.

WIPO Treaty Sees Entertainment Industry Pitted Against the Disabled

A treaty is currently being discussed within WIPO that would allow those with disabilities to have better access to copyrighted material. Apparently, the only thing the entertainment industry sees when it comes to the disabled having access to copyrighted material is the dismantling of copyright.

Liberal Party Backtracks, Says Ratifying WIPO Marks Interest

If you want one of the most confusing messages you can find in the Canadian copyright debate, this may be it. After calling on the government to immediately reform copyright, ratify WIPO and pour resources into “combat[ing]” the “scourge” of piracy and after the news hit a number of major news sources including ZeroPaid, the

Canadian Liberal Party Wants to ‘Combat’ Piracy In Canada, Ratify WIPO

There’s a recent development that solidifies some people’s point of view that the top two parties in Canada have not, in practise, defended users rights and instead simply let the copyright industry dictate what copyright reforms need to happen. In a response to sub-committee recommendations, the Liberal Party wants to “combat the scourge and considerable