TPP Text: Wikileaks Version Compared to Official Version

Much of what has been analyzed prior to the final release was found in the various leaked copied (many of which posted by Wikileaks. Now that the final text of the TPP has been published, we decided to compare the final leak to the final leak to the officially released text to see what, if

Wikileaks: MPAA, RIAA and BSA Lobbied for HADOPI

Wikileaks has been releasing plenty of new details on how the US views the world. Amongst the interesting tidbits of information buried inside Cablegate was what role the MPAA, the RIAA and the BSA has in France’s new HADOPI law.

Why the US Government Attacking Wikileaks is a Bad Idea

Wikileaks was dominating the headlines last week. In fact, it was kind of hard to miss the news story about the Wikileaks diplomatic cables because all one really had to do was tune in to a national news station for about a half an hour. While the US government has condemned what Wikileaks has done,

US Lawmakers Want to Criminalize Whistleblower Sites Over TSA Leak

After the embarrassing Transport Security Administration (TSA) leak where workers failed to properly redact documents related to screening procedures, three Republican lawmakers want to criminalize whistle blower sites that reposted the document. The question here is, if successful, could that set the stage for other documents such as the leaked ACTA documents?