5 Alternatives to YouTube

We’ve seen many reasons to not like YouTube. There’s the infamous comment section of YouTube, the restrictive nature of the maximum length of each video and the notorious DMCA takedown system. The question then becomes, what alternatives are there to YouTube? Well, we’ve compiled a list of 5 alternatives to YouTube for you to evaluate.

Copyright Used to Censor Enbridge Pipeline Satirical Criticism

A cartoonist is currently witnessing what is commonly referred to as the Streisand effect. Over the last week, a cartoonist released a satirical criticism of the Enbridge pipeline advertisement. At one point, the news site that ran the video was forced to take the video down after a complaint about copyright. The video has since

TVShack Back Up Under Different Domain

In news that might give a second reason to call the raids on several streaming sites a failure, TVShack is currently back up under a different domain. It was, now it’s