Top 5 TVShack Alternatives

TVShack remains to be one of the most sought after website for streaming TV that is seemingly not making a return. The website continues to generate interest to this day and some even have started up clone sites to replace the site. Regardless, it doesn’t look like the site survived to see the light of

TVShack Back Up Under Different Domain

In news that might give a second reason to call the raids on several streaming sites a failure, TVShack is currently back up under a different domain. It was, now it’s

MPAA Successfully Kills TVs Record Button

If anyone thought the ideas around the Broadcast Flag have finally died off, they’d be dead wrong. Reports are coming in that the FCC has granted Selectable Output Control (SOC) meaning that they, not you, can choose what can be recorded on your own TV.

New Zealand Hit with Copyright Reform

New Zealand is undergoing some copyright changes (Copyright Reform Bill – in PDF and plain text). Many countries have talked – and have acted on – changing Copyright, but the process isn’t typically one without controversy from one side or another.