Canadian Media In Full Damage Control Following TPP Revelation

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier admitted that he intends on signing the hugely controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The news sent shockwaves across Canada and even amongst Liberal supporters. Now, Canadian media outlets are attempting to quell Canadian outrage.

Canadian Officials Pushing TPP Provisions Ahead of Consultations

The status of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in Canada may not exactly be clear. The Canadian government has signaled it is launching consultations. Unfortunately, this comes shortly after documents reveal that some of the controversial copyright provisions in the trade deal are already being pushed behind closed doors.

Trudeau Intends on Signing the TPP – Obama

The media has often portrayed the Liberals as a party still looking over the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) with no commitment. This in spite of signs that the Liberals have every intention of signing off on the agreement. In a press conference last week, US president Barack Obama made the Liberal position clearer by saying