Review: World Empire III (Windows 16-Bit)

By Drew Wilson In this review, we check out the turn-based strategy game World Empire III for the 16 bit Windows operating system. We find out if this third installment is worth checking out.

Review: Frogger (Atari 5200)

By Drew Wilson In this review, we hop our way through another classic strategy/puzzle video game that, arguably, launched a lot of remakes and appearances. Today, we check out the Atari 5200 port of Frogger to see if this version retains that timeless classic feel.

Review: Battleship – The Classic Navy Combat Game (NES)

By Drew Wilson Few board games from the late 80’s or early 90’s are more recognizable than Battleship. Unsurprisingly, there were a few spin-offs from this game including a few video games at the time. We take a look at the NES version of Battleship.

Review: Spot: The Video Game (NES)

By Drew Wilson Spot: The Video Game is a board game style video game released on the NES. Brand-based video games tend to be either good or really bad. We take a look at which category this particular game falls under.

Review: Dune 2 (DOS)

By Drew Wilson Dune 2 is our first strictly DOS gave we’ve reviewed. The game is based off of one of the most famous novel series by the same name. Dune 2 is a top down realtime strategy game.